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What do people really think of Herbalife ?

Posted by Annette

What do people really think of Herbalife ?

This is Harry T’s  story

“During a ski holiday with my wife, I was shocked by the fact that I was the heaviest and most unfit I had ever been in my life. I couldn’t even fit into my ski boots and felt terrible.

I decided to start with the Herbalife Weight Loss Programme and trained regularly. My energy levels soared and the inches started falling off. I dropped a total of 8 inches around my waist and have regained my health and am more fit than I have been in the last 10 years. All along I ate the foods I love and never felt hungry or lacking in energy. And wouldn’t you know it? Next time we went skiing I had ample room in my ski boots for an extra layer of socks!”*

Overweight and miserable

After four pregnancies, Beth’s weight reached an all-time high. “I had smoked for 20 years and when I gave it up, the weight just piled on,” recalls Beth. “I didn’t want to be fat, but I didn’t want to risk using dangerous prescription diet drugs either.”

A call for help

“I found my Herbalife supplier in the yellow pages. I’ll never forget calling her crying while I was eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking milk. She got me on the Herbalife Weight-Management Program and within the first day I began to feel different. My hunger was gone, it was amazing-like instant will power!” says Cath

Record-breaking results

“I lost nearly 2 stone, reached my ideal weight and dropped from a dress size 24 to a size 10.
My energy increased so much that I not only worked at my cleaning service all day, but came home with energy to spare to play with my kids. I know I’ll be using Herbalife to maintain my energy and weight for the rest of my life.

I can now fit into my teenage daughter’s clothes’

Cath      original weight    16 1/2 stone
Cath      Weight now          9 stone









An escalating weight issue

“At the age of 16 my weight problem had already begun,” says Rene. “Each year I gained more and more pounds. A combination of stress and poor eating habits gradually caused my health to deteriorate.”

A health nightmare

“In April of 2009 my condition had become so serious that I was hospitalised,” he says. “My medical report said that I was suffering from ‘morbid obesity.’ I was barely mobile and had difficulty breathing with the least physical exertion. My circulation was poor, and I had terrible varicose veins because of my excess weight.”

The turn around

“In May 2010, my weight reached an all-time high of 32 stone. That was when I made the decision that would change my life. On the 29th of May I began the Herbalife program. After the first week I experienced an extraordinary increase in energy and I continued to lose weight consistently”.

Renewed self-esteem

“I set myself a goal and was overjoyed when I achieved my objective. I now know that with Herbalife all goals and dreams are achievable. I am living proof that Herbalife products work for weight loss and help you achieve balanced health. My self-confidence has grown and I now enjoy life to the full,” enthuses Réne.


Here’s How:

* Never skip breakfast. Start the day with a delicious Formula 1 Shake.
* Eat frequent intelligent meals every 2-3 hours
* Exercise regularly and have FUN!
* Drink plenty of water and take time to rest

So what do you think now how about trying a 3 day trial to feel the difference for your self just follow this link

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