The information in this document is provided for legal purposes. It is my intention to inform you in an easily understandable format, of the terms and conditions of this website.

If you have any issue with the contents of the website, my business or my business practices, kindly contact me at the contact email on the site, and let us handle the matter amicably.

This website offers training and services for the purpose of advertising and promoting this business online.

Are my claims regarding my earnings genuine?

Yes, all the numbers that I will and do share with you can be substantiated by signed affidavits. I could not have achieved the level of success that I have in this industry if I was without integrity.

However, it is not my intention to create unrealistic expectations in the minds of my subscribers.

I do not share every test and/or result that I do or that I achieve in my business. Most often, experiments that fail are not of interest so I do not discuss the techniques that do not work. I tend rather, to focus on what does work (at least for me).

As a result, I tend to talk very openly about my success. I just cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same result.

I am neither a lawyer, nor an accountant, not a licensed business consultant. All advice that I offer here is based on my experience as an online marketer. I am a professional internet marketer and coach. I am the top male producer in my company.
However I would not recommend that you rely on me for your business advice as I am not a business consultant.

I must point out that any training or promotional material contained on this website should be received in the context that I am not a licensed business consultant.

I am not responsible for 3rd party products or services that I recommend. When I recommend, as I will do, that you use the products and services of others, I strive to check the quality of all products and services that I recommend to my subscribers. I have generally also had a very good experience using said products or services.

However, this does not make me responsible should your experience with these products or services be unpleasant or not the same as mine. In every instance that I recommend products of others, I will send you directly to their website.

When you are no longer in my website, these terms and conditions will not apply. You will then need to read the terms and conditions of each of these websites independently.

I will do my best to recommend products and services that have simple cancellation and refund policies. If you find that you are unhappy with the products or services that I recommend, please take that up with the relevant product or services vendor.

Please be aware that when I promote whether actively or passively, other peoples products, I usually also try to collect a referral commission. The amounts vary from product to product.

Some of the products I recommend I have neither bought nor tried. Bearing this in mind, and just in general, decide for yourself on an individual basis if each product or service that I suggest is right for you.

I am not responsible for any criminal misuse of my information. The information I offer is for educational and marketing purposes and must not be used in connection with any illegal or border-line illegal, or criminal activities.

Additionally, I do not give permission for this content to be used to promote gambling, pornography and debt services from a moral standpoint.

I cannot guarantee that you will ever succeed in marketing your products online. I simply cannot know if you will do well in marketing your product or service online or not.

There are some products and services that do not sell as well as others on the internet.

Some products and services are even illegal and these do not do well anywhere and I do not grant you permission to promote them or to break the law. I do not take responsibility for any misuse of this information.

It is important that you acknowledge that all marketers are not created equal.

Not everyone is good at selling on video.

Not everyone is good at selling in audio.

Not everyone is good at article marketing or writing articles.

Not everyone is technically inclined.

Not everyone is photogenic.

Some, in fact, may just like to “get rich quick”.

Others have no imagination and are “me too” marketers, copying others, with no originality.

These and other reasons contribute to the failure in advertizing on the internet with the strategies that I teach.


I am not affiliated with, nor do I represent myself as having any connections or inside information from Google and or the Google Adwords program, or Yahoo/Bing sponsored search engine or Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


I do not intend to infringe on the trademarks or copyrights of others. If you consider any material contained in this website an infringement of any of your rights, kindly contact me immediately so that we can discuss this and it can be resolved.


Annette Cook

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