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Oriflame Lip Liner

Posted by Annette

How and Why to use Lip Liner

* Defines the contours of your lips

* Prevents lipstick from bleeding

* Helps make the color last longer

1. Make sure the pencil is well sharpened.

2. Then lightly mix the pencil colour along the outline of your lips making certain to cover the edge of your lip line. Start lining them along your natural lip line, from the center of your upper lip to the outer edge.

Repeat the same application on the lower lip, starting from the middle to the outer edge. 3. After use, somewhat smudge the contours to the interior of the lips to prevent unpleasant lines.


To get a natural and long lasting appearance: fill in the whole lip region.

For fuller lips:

Trace a line outside the top lip line following its natural shape, ensuring the edge of the lip liner remains touching the natural lip line when applying lip liner. Don’t use it outside the region. The danger is that a difference may happen whether the lipstick fades, creating a “clown effect”. It’s critical to remain just in the line of your natural lips.

For thinner lips:

Use foundation on the lips to supply a base, and delineate just inside the line with a pencil along your natural lip line. For both choices, you can follow the next program techniques about the gloss and the lipstick as stated previously.

* Feel free-to use the same tone as on the lipstick or somewhat darker

Would really like to make an all-natural lip * Use a lip liner of naked colour (Oriflame Beauty Lip Perfection) if you

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