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How to make the most of your Lips with Oriflame

Posted by Annette

Every girl likes to wear lipstick. Only a touch of lipstick adds so much glamor to the face.
Lipstick gives the finishing touch to your makeup by bringing the other colors you’ve put on that person into harmony. Used alone, lipsticks too can dress up your whole appearance. Most Oriflame lipsticks additionally help nourish, moisturise, soften and protect your lips.




* Adds glamour to your encounter
* Gives the finishing touch to your makeup
* Brings together makeup colours harmoniously
* Dresses up your whole appearance when used only
* Some support to nourish and moisturise your lips
* Protects your lips
The way to pick the correct colour of lipstick No colour is truly out of bounds, but you might find there’s a right red plus a wrong red or perhaps a right pink plus a wrong pink. In regards to wearing lipstick complexion is quite important. You need to find the lipstick that seems great whenever you wear absolutely no makeup. At this phase of the makeup process, ensure the colour of your lipstick matches your lip liner . However, it will also be in harmony with your eyes, more especially the colour selected for the eye shadow.
The way to use

1. Put on the lipstick by filling the whole lip region starting in the center of the lips to the outside edges, when the lips are defined.
2. Rub your lips together so there isn’t any line of demarcation between the lipstick and lip liner to mix. This will aid your lip color wear evenly and stop the the – day ring around your lips.
3. Blot away additional color with a tissue. Hints
: * To make the lipstick stay longer : powder over lightly, then and reapply the lipstick dust the lips with powder.
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