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Posted by Annette

It’s possible for you to capture your perfect look for more with Optimals Skin Youth Day, nighttime and Eye Creams.

This Skin Care treatment is perfect for women 30 who desire to deal with their first signs of ageing; enlarged pores, fine lines and skin dullness.
It offers long term age prevention with Lingon 50:50 and Light reflecting microspheres within the formula. The little light reflecting particles are made to smooth your complexion from day 1, helping to enhance fine lines and pores and also to make imperfections invisible.
The result is a look for more with noticeable improvements of enlarged pores, first lines, dry patches and skin dullness.
The Day Cream also contains SPF 10 to guard the skin against picture aging.

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Posted by Annette

Going forward with Skin Care in the Catalog we welcome additions to our continuing Optimals RE – launch.

New in 7 we have Optimals Even outside Day Cream SPF 20. This is for girls of all ages who need to lessen the visibility of dark spots.

Even Outside combines the core component of the brand-new Optimals ranges, Lingon 50:50, a strong antioxidant, with Rumex, a plant species present in the meadows and riverbanks of Canada’s western plains.

Rumex infusion works to reduce the experience of tyrosinase, an enzyme regulating the melanin production that causes skin discoloration.

The Even Out Day Cream also features SPF20, to shield skin against photograph ageing, sunlight destruction and the look of additional dark spots.
Here at Oriflame we consider its better to repair a problem instead of covering it up and the effect of using this creme is a less – observable dark spots and more even skin tone.

Try it today in the exclusive launch offer price of  9.95

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Or another favourite we possess the action packed S8 Night for only 10.95 S8 Night Eau de Toilette has consistently been well received by Oriflame customers. It’s really a real manly fragrance that boasts assurance and the enticing Liquorice, Basil and Paraline notes definitely leaves the women turning a head. We love this fragrance and that’s why we providing a whopping 8 to you off in Catalogue
7. We’ve slashed the costs on all our men perfumes so be certain to find the one that suits father, yet if a fragrance is not what they are after then why don’t you take a look at the fab offers which can be had throughout our North for Guys Range on pages 82 to

83. We’re sure we can offer a Father’s Day present which will please Dad regardless of what your budget. What would the guy in your lives prefer

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Oriflame Studio Artist Eye Gel 26531

Posted by Annette

Another new product into Makeup this catalog may be the amazing Gel Eye Liner from our Studio Artist range. I was so excited to trial this and I am so happy with the results. Step over for my new Oriflame favourite product!

As you all know, I am a huge supporter of the Studio Artist range and true a bit dirty at applying eye liner. In fact I only ever use it for a night-out because attempting to get it right takes much too much time in the mornings.
However, not this one! The studio Artist Gel Eye Liner offers intense colour, precise use and long lasting use. On first-impressions I believed the pot looked on the smallish side but you-need just the lowest number to reach the look.

The formula is helped by the small glass pot last without drying out and this can keep you going more than a lining or pencil in my opinion.

The brush it comes with is silky soft and tender on the lids. The shape of-the brush makes application simple and because it is a gel composition the time is fast.

This system is an expert eye liner offering intense colour, exact application and long wear. Follow Star MakeUp Artist Jonus Wramell’s hints in the catalog to attain definition in only a couple of strokes.

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Turning back a page, lets take a fast look for the brand new Men’s Accessories featuring in catalog 7. Father’s Day will be the 16th June so these fashionable things are worth pointing out to clients.
We’ve got the Breezy Watch with metal back and silicone strap at just 17.95 The appealing Breezy Shades for only 8.95 and the Breezy everyday Tote with flexible strap at just 12.95

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Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick

Posted by Annette


New this Catalogue in Make-Up we have the Triple Core 3D Lipsticks that we’ve all be waiting for. You’ve seen it on the catwalks and in the fashion glossies and now Oriflame are giving us the contrasting ombre lip look, and for less! At just £7.95 we are giving you 3 gorgeous shades in 1 lipstick to achieve the 3D pop volume that we’ve seen so much of.


Turning heads has never been easier thanks to the innotive lipstick technology that combines three different colours to create the optical illusion of fuller lips.


  • The Outer Core contours your lips in a dark, vibrant shade to define and maximise lip shape and size.
  • The Middle Core’s highlighting shade visually increases the volume of your lips, making them appear fuller and plumper, thanks to its extremely shimmery and glossy finish.
  • The Inner Core focuses on the inner part of the lips with its colour core adding the finishing touch and beautifying your lips.



The Triple Core 3D Lipstick is available in 5 hot shades with Red Coral set to be the choice of trend.

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Oriflame Midsumer Woman/Man

Posted by Annette


Another fragrance launch and at a fantastic price we have the romantic summer allure of Midsummer Woman and Man Eau de toilettes. For just £13.90 you can get either the Midsummer Woman 100ml Eau de Toilette plus Deodorant or the Midsummer Man fragrance with Roll on Deodorant.

The re-launch of our best-loved summer scents have been re-branded with sleek bottle designs and inspiring imagery of a romantic Swedish summer.

For her the fragrance is light and fresh like a summer’s breeze and captures the heart of romance with delicate notes of grapefruit, rose and sweet mimosa. The scent is soft like cashmere to the skin and it really is an up-lifting desirable fragrance.


For him, Midsummer Man is undeniably a masculine scent that embodies the sensual        intensity of a long summer with the woody spicy notes of marine accord, exotic coriander seeds and warm cashmere woods.


Try the scratch and sniffs in the Catalogue – they both compliment the other and work in harmony to set the scene for summer loving!

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Food to set the Mood

Posted by Annette

If you are planning on dining out or want to impress the love in your life with some homemade romance. Wouldn’t it be amazing to think that choosing certain food could help enhance the feelings of love between you two. Chef Patrick Finney, national culinary director of the American Culinary Institute believes this is completely possible: “There’s something about the luscious flavors and intoxicating aromas of certain foods that simulates both mind and body. My experience as a chef has proven what our ancestors knew centuries ago – certain foods have the power to stir up and evoke people’s emotions.”Capture

So take note, here is a list of fun facts about foods known throughout history to have aphrodisiac effects that enhance love life.

Strawberries were cultivated by the Romans because they were believed to be an aphrodisiac.. A special strawberry soup was traditionally served to newlyweds during their honeymoon to enhance their union.

The peppery flavoured salad leaf Rocket was always rumoured to be an aphrodisiac, and was banned from monasteries in twelfth century Italy because it was believed to hold properties that stimulate sexual feelings.

Because the avocado’s reputation as a forbidden fruit, Catholic priests banned the avocado for their followers. But don’t let its R-Rated reputation scare you. An amazing superfood, avocados are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that not only stimulate your sex drive, but will keep your body youthful and strong.

Oysters are the classic aphrodisiac food. They are said to boost the sex drive, stamina and romance. It is believed that the high levels of Zinc in oysters are responsible for an enhanced libido after consuming them.

Capsaicin is the enzyme that makes chili peppers hot. When you bite into a chili pepper, pain signals are sent to the brain, which causes the release of endorphins and pleasurable feelings. The more you eat, the more endorphins are released, which is why chili peppers are often considered to be addictive. Not for the faint hearted!

Dark Chocolate
You don’t have to hide your love affair with chocolate any more! Not only is it packed healthy antioxidants, it’s good for your sex drive too. Eating dark chocolate releases feel-good chemicals in your body which cause us to feel intense pleasure, exhilaration, attraction and euphoria. Some people claim that eating chocolate feels just as pleasurable as sex itself. No wonder chocolate is such a popular gift around Valentine’s Day.

  1. Enjoy trying out the wonders of these delicious foods and we recommend combining their effects by eating them together. What could be more sensual than feeding your lover strawberries dipped in chocolate? The way to your his heart really could be through the stomach after all….
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Capture“She knows exactly what suits her figure and adds interesting little details to her looks”

A woman who stands out from the crowd because of her flair for style. She is the opposite of a slave to trends, instead she can be considered to be something of a natural trendsetter. She knows exactly what suits her figure and adds interesting little details to her looks, making them unique. Above all she is daring and absolutely sure of herself. She understands her aesthetic absolutely and never steps out looking anything other than fabulous and at her best.

Are you a Fashionable?

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Traveling to Antarctica is one of the most exhilarating trips you will ever take. Although it is expensive, it is truly spectacular and it’s something that you and your traveling companions Capturewill never forget.
Choose the right time to visit. Antarctica’s tour season covers about five months, mostly over the Southern Hemisphere summer. The Antarctic summer starts in December and runs through March. The skies are usually bright and the temperature is like a crisp, sunny winter’s day. This is the best time to see Antarctica at its most beautiful. The best place to witness this beauty is Paradise Bay. Its on the West side of Antarctica and the still waters and fascinating icebergs make it the epitome of Antarctica. Experience the exhilarating joy of bathing in a hot spring in Antarctica. Yes, you heard right. Strip down and swim around in Antarctic waters! Its called Deception island and it has warm volcanic soil. Dig up some of the soil and enjoy a steaming hot soak.


“Experience the exhilarating joy of bathing in a hot spring in Antarctica. ”

Its is a fascinating multicultural country blended from African, Arab and European influences. The country offers an incredible amount of history, culture, art and music along with a fascinating geographical landscape incorporating the Sahara desert, the snow capped Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic coastline. A holiday in Morocco is not complete without an extended visit to Marrakech. There are many things to experience in this city, but you should visit the Jamaa el Fna square in the middle of the city. It is home to the famous souks and of course also snake charmers, dancers and story tellers, magicians and peddlers. A kaleidoscope of colours and as dark falls it becomes a food market where you can purchase some of the amazing culinary delights of Morocco and eat them in the chill of the desert evening. There is no other place in the world that is quite like the Dades Valley, which translates the Red Valley, though red is not the only colour you will experience. The mineral rich Dades Gorge sparkles in many hues of blue and green as well as white and red. Drive though and experience the continually changing vista and spectacular views

Kerala is a land of traditional medicines (Ayurveda) for which it is known world over. A number of authorized Ayurvedic resorts are in Kerala which offer treatment for variety of illness. The Government of Kerala is now promoting health tourism. April to August is considered the best time for getting Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala is well connected to most of the cities around the world , three international airports in Kerala, at Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), Kozhikode and cochin .Thiruvananthapuram international airport at Trivandrum and Nedumbassery international air port cochin operates various domestic and international flight service there by connecting Kerala to different parts of world and India. It is sure that a trip to Kerala will be worth. If you’re not into the health trip, there are loads of adventures to be had there too, try a trip down the famous backwaters.

Heavily romanticized and, now, highly publicized, mysterious Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been thrust into the international spotlight for democracy-pushing politicians, aspiring capitalists, and trailblazing travelers. It’s little wonder that tourism is taking off, what with spectacular monuments, stuck-in-time villages, vibrant culture, and remarkably hospitable people. The long-shuttered gates are officially open: Freshly back from a two-week tour, herewith five reasons to get to Myanmar now, before the masses spoil its wild beauty.

Zanzibar is undoubtedly the number one beach location in East Africa. The island is located around 35km off the coast of mainland Tanzania, just north of the capital and main port of entry Dar es Salaam. It is a low lying coral atoll measuring around 80km north to south, 35km east to west. The majority of the island is covered with scenic palm plantations, with some limited rice and cassava agriculture in between. On the western side the palm forests run right out to the ocean, where the beaches tend to be relatively modest. Half way up this western coastline lies Stonetown, a hugely historic and atmospheric Swahili city. The eastern side of the island has a more open coral rag landscape, less attractive inland but fringed by the most wonderful azure lagoon, backed by a continuous stretch of palm trees containing traditional thatched villages. Welcome to paradise!
This is not even a joke, if you have the money, the world is no longer the limit, more and more travel companies are offering the lucky few who can afford a rocket launch into outer space and even trips to the moon. The ride of your life awaits you.

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