About Annette

Having spent many years in Restaurant management ,
when my family came along I decided I wanted a job that allowed me to be a Mum as well,
that is when I came across direct selling and I loved it !,
I still had the oppertunity to meet and chat with people , and have time for my family,
and I got to make money as well a perfect combination .
I currenly live in Wales with my husband of 17 years and 3 children
I now find my self the biggest seller in a direct selling cosmetic company , a qualified hairdresser and a personal well being coach
what I love is the fact I get to spend my time making people feel good about them self
I get to work from home and spend as much time as I want with my family and freinds while still felling
good about helping people turn there lives around and feel good about themself

I am here to help you in any aspect of health and beauty I have many years experience in all of these fields
Weather it is help with choosing your latest make up look to help achieving your weight loss or personal fitness goal ,
I give personal and private advice, and help you through every step of the way  I am confident I can help you to realize your full potential

Why not contact me to see how I could help you

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